My Story

I expected my twenties to include diaper changes and breastfeeding. Like anyone whose pump had been primed for parenting, I assumed that “trying” to have children meant conceiving children.

A few long years later, I was ushered into motherhood through the back door.

A dream that we had to adopt, birthed when we were young and had eyes full of great expectations for our life, happened in a way we didn’t quite anticipate.

But like any move of God, it was better than we ever imagined.


So. I am a mother of six whose birth canal bridged the expanse between the United States and Africa. “Former orphan” Ethiopians, Meskerem and Asnake, became Eden and Caleb. And then, from Uganda: Hope and Lily Joy wear their names in our home. The Hagerty line now includes Africans who are my living, breathing reminders of the faithfulness of Jesus. And, well, there’s been a couple other miracles added since — our little Boaz (“Bo”), and his little sister, Virginia.

I have been a follower of this Man, actively, since a cold, snowy night at a Young Life camp brought with it a message of hope for my 15 year-old soul.

After being a wife and mother, I am a writer.

It was after almost a decade of Christian life when I was introduced to pain and perplexity and, ultimately, intimacy with Jesus. God met me and moved me when life stopped working for me. And out of the overflow, came my writing.

I wrote two books (via Zondervan): Every Bitter Thing is Sweet & Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to be Noticed. And there will be more to come.

As the runner said, I write, because when I do, “I feel His pleasure.” And I’m honored to share what comes out of that exchange, here.

My life has been filled with detours and it’s in the re-routing that I’m finding that He gets bigger and I get smaller. I hope and pray this is clear in my writing.

As my husband says, in regards to growing our family, “we’ve only just begun.”

To that I respond: Amen. May it be so over every part of my life.

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I absolutely treasure your stories. I love the memorials coming my way. What’s being erected over your lives is fuel in mine: He is good. With a life of four-being-restored and two more toddling youngsters, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to respond to every email, message and comment. Though the demands under my roof may not allow much time to respond to these, please know I am honored by what you’ve sent me and the time you took to tell me your story. It is a gift to me.

You can contact me by using the contact page or by emailing: sara(at) Though I may not be able to respond to every email, I am so blessed by each one.