A Few of My February Favorites (including an update on Stella) …

My best ideas are stolen from others. I’ve never been a creative thinker, just one who tries really hard to imitate others’ creativity. Pinterest would be a gold mine for me except that I’m still trying to remember to shut down my computer after use and all those windows that just keep popping up, at least once every few weeks. So this next idea, two people removed from the source — a friend shared it from something she saw on pinterest — is one that seems to be opening a window into my little girl’s heart.

We’ve become pen-pals, me and Lily. One pink moleskine journal passed back and forth between the two of us has carved a space and time for me to fill years’ worth of affection’s void with mama-words that heal. “I saw you bless your siblings today when no one was looking,” I wrote, to close the letter, and slid it under the kitchen sink where she’d reach for the cleaner in the midst of her morning chores the next day. “You try harder than any mommy I know,” she said, in her response that my fingers fumbled over when reaching for my keys, deep in my purse. How did she know that some days I lean on God’s tender acknowledgment of my effort when the results get muffed?

Flowers in Hand

Do you have child who needs a little infilling? What child doesn’t? Here’s permission to steal the idea I’ve stolen. It’s my new February favorite.


And: possibly the best expression of the season of waiting I have ever read from my sweet friend, Dana. I’ve read and re-read, with tears every time. Her words, from Him, make me want to sign up again. And again. I love this God-Man.


“So the Bible says, in God, everything is possible. And I pray our future will be good in Jesus name,” said Lily’s bestie, Stella, in a recent letter. She doesn’t yet know she has a family on the other side of the world preparing to come get her. You are right little girl, in God everything is possible.


Two Girls

To date, the Wilkerson’t have raised $22,000 towards bringing Stella home. (Gasp: our Father is in hot pursuit of this child!). 

I got an email from a high school girl in Virginia who made it a school project to raise money for Stella to come home. She and her friend have raised $1,000 and they are “still going strong.”

And other friends volunteered and put together this video — just another way to tell the story of how He is moving in these two best friends across the ocean from one another — watch, share, (cry!), and give as you feel led.


A Nebraska radio station has designated the month of February to adoration and asked me to do an interview on, this, one of my favorite subjects. This nervous nelly didn’t have her in-house editor to tighten up her loose-words, so please listen with grace, friends ;).



Finally, it’s never to late to pick up the practice of adoration. We have a few more days left this month to squeeze life out of this printable that Mandie Joy put together.

(And a note: if you have been using this adoration guide in a unique way from which the rest of us can glean, let me know! Send an email to sara@everybitterthingissweet.com.)

February Adoration 2013


Photos compliments of Mandie Joy.

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