Every Little Bit Counts

Kansas City seems to be an adoption hot bed. I thought it might just be the International House of Prayer where I’d find all of the “families that look like us” until I was stopped in the parking lot of Whole Foods last week by a woman who had adopted three children. So now, of course, I’m convinced they are everywhere ;).

One of the resources we have the opportunity to take advantage of is offered by The Zoe Foundation. They have worked out an agreement with a local doc who is providing 4 free physicals each month to adoptive families (a requirement of the home-study). And we got in for October! While the cost of a non-annual physical may not break the bank, every little bit counts.

The thing I hear most often about adoption is from people who have a heart to pursue it but can not afford it. And, let’s be honest, the population of people who have 15 – 35K lying around is slim. (As an aside I have witnessed countless times, and first-hand, God’s heart for adoption as demonstrated in His provision for the finances.)

I write all this to say if you are a doctor, or a lawyer, or an accountant, or a speech therapist, or a travel agent … or photographer, or you love to cook, or you find satisfaction in cleaning there are ways you can support adoption by doing the thing God created you to do. God provided people in almost all of these categories for us as we brought Eden and Caleb home. In a Mary-Poppins sort of way they showed up on my doorstep, even when my pride was too big to ask for help.

If you have a heart for adoption, but aren’t necessarily called to adopt, ask the Lord to show you who and how you can support in their adoption.

While I don’t subscribe to the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child, I do believe it might take one to bring them home.

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3 Responses to “Every Little Bit Counts”

  1. Gina Lind on

    I recently developed a friendship with an older woman who I met through my husband’s job. At lunch one day I was telling her about my sister Marybeth and that they are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. She later called and told me that her mother died 3 years ago and has an entire Estate of antiques, and other items she doesn’t want and needs to get rid of. Could she donate them to my sister and her family to sell and use towards their adoption? We spent all day Thursday in the pouring down rain receiving the blessing of this gift. Beautiful antiques! Today is the Estate sale and I am waiting anxiously to find out how things go. It’s so much fun to watch God at work! To follow my sister’s journey: http://www.ourethiopiajourneys.com/

  2. Teresa on

    HI Sara,
    I just found your blog and I wanted to introduce myself. We have three friends that moved to KC and now attend IHOP. I wonder if you’ve ever met any of them. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing God’s stories here.

    Teresa Ko

  3. Sara on


    Thanks for introducing yourself. I looked at your blog and, you, too, have a beautiful family! IHOP is a pretty big community, so there’s a good chance I have not yet met them. If you want to send me an email with their names I’ll keep my eye out: sarahagerty(at)gmail.com.


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